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Crete Crete is the larges of the Greek Islands and is divided into three zones, Central Crete, East Crete and West Crete. The island is well served and accessable

Crete has two International airports,the largest is located in Heraklion, the smallest in Hania. There is a smaller airport for charter flights in Sitia . From all three airports you can fly to Athens and Thessaloniki. From Heraklion you can fly to Rhodes. The Heraklion airport is also connected to the City by taxis or bus.


The city ports are Iraklio, Souda (to Hania), Rethymno, Agios Nikolas, Sitia and Kissaoms. In the peak tourist season there are plenty of connections by sea to Crete. The ports are well connected to the North of Crete where a highway allows easy movement along the entire coast. Less easy, but still possible are routes by car or by bus within the island and along the southern coast. However some locations are accessible only by sea.

Iraklio has three intercity bus stations: the main station serves the eastern part of Crete, the other stations serve other destinations such as Phaestus, Agia Galini and Matala, Rethymno and Hania among others.

What to do: There is no doubt, to Crete and culture go hand in hand: there are beautiful beaches but equally fascinating archaeological sites not to be missed during a vacation on Crete.

The center of the island is the capital Heraklion. Here you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, the 16th-century Rocca al mare, the Venetian Arsenal and the famous fountain Morosini (or Lion Fountain) and the excellent natural history museum.

At 5 km from Iraklio lie the ruins of Minoan Knossos which constitute an essential visit, while children can enjoy a break at the Indoor playground Ricoco. Another popular child-friendly (but not only!) the CretAquarium, this is recently opened and houses over 4,000 marine species.

The wine lovers can enjoy a visit to one of the largest wine-growing regions of Greece with a trip to the South of Iraklio.

The Peleponnese


The Peloponnese is a peninsula connected to mainland Greece by a narrow strip of land, indeed, since it was opened the Corinth Canal would be more correct to call it Island … And ‘a world still largely intact, not exploited for tourism, so that is Greeks often meet only for days and days. Yet there are hidden treasures of immeasurable of ancient Greek culture and under the eyes of the visitor parade unusual and fascinating landscapes


Monemvasia is an unspoiled corner of the Middle Ages in the heart of Laconia, the town is still accessible only through a narrow isthmus. Monemvasia is located at the foot of a rocky outcrop. It ‘was an important commercial center during the first and second Venetian domination and these days its palaces and churches in the ancient village. During these periods of history was known as Malvasia from which the name of the famous white wine imported in Italy until the end of the nineteenth century.


Tholos is a fishing village in Argolis and is an excellent starting point for visits to many archaeological sites in the Peloponnese, thanks to its central location. The country has much to offer visitors with its charm, for the modern tourist attractions but also for its beautiful natural landscapes. And ‘surrounded by a circle of mountains, but also offers lovers of the sea white sand beaches and crystal clear waters


Aeropolis is ideal leads to the Mani peninsula, a part of Greece to the edge of the world, almost uninhabited, where women still wear often, the traditional dress blacks. The Mani is a land of terrible beauty, and particularly bleak, offers visitors a unique landscape, not to be missed. The villages were built to defend against attacks by invaders from the sea, real fortresses, towers, many with small windows, almost slits. Few accesses to the sea, a few villages inhabited, almost all at the top for better defense, and a few hamlets of fishermen on the sea. A narrow road runs through the scenic Hands for around seventy kilometers (departure and arrival Areopoli). The mountain ends so relentless and spectacular in the blue of the Ionian Sea. Other natural spectacle not to be missed are the Caves of Dirou (about 25 miles from Aeropoli): in the cave of prehistoric Alepotripa were found, one of Glyfada has been excavated by a river flows into the sea below the current entry.

The Mani Peninsula is full of medieval churches also, remember those Harouda, Agios Sotirios Gardenitsa to the church and to Tassiarchi economy. Own economy by offering unique landscapes on the islands off the coast and the coast



Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands and is one of the least accessible to tourists, so it is still untouched. Long, deserted beaches of fine white sand, picturesque villages and a number of archaeological treasures make the island a place to explore and remember. Long history of this island already present in the mythology it is said that here Dionysus fell in love with Ariadne and Dionysus always took the lives of the island from which it still produces excellent white wines.

The capital of the island of Naxos, Hora, retains vestiges of its former glory arising from the Venetian and Byzantine domination, overlooking the main harbor of the island. Arriving by boat the sight is breathtaking with the white houses climbing up the hill on top of which stands the castle reached through narrow winding streets of the city center. On the right you can see instead Palatia islet connected to the shore by a narrow strip of land. Near the harbor and along the seafront (Protopapadaki said) there are many excellent restaurants and taverns, most rooms in the center in a tangle of narrow streets, arches, narrow passages and ancient dwellings in the Venetian style to Kastro. Sightseeing in the city besides the already mentioned Kastro, the area north of the promenade with its numerous churches and chapels (among which the eighteenth-century Metropolis). At the Metropolis Museum exposed the remains of an ancient Mycenaean city. Also visit the Archaeological Museum, the Museum Della Rocca-Barozzi Venetian and the Catholic Cathedral.

Excursions on the island of Naxos
To visit the beautiful island in the rest of the region Tragaea, a vast plain full of olive groves where you can still see charming villages and almost untouched, the greatest of these is Filoti and lies at the foot of Mount Zeus. Nearby do not miss a visit to the Cave of Zeus (Zas). In the same region is worth visiting even Halki, a beautiful town where you can taste the typical citron liqueur (Kitron) and visit the Olivier an interesting gallery of ceramics. North of Halki lies one of the oldest Greek churches, the Panagia Drosiani, a cave-like labyrinth of chapels decorated with frescoes of the seventh century. A Sangri stands a magnificent building in the shape of said tower castle that now houses Bazeos frequent cultural events and exhibitions. In your tour of the island you can visit three villages Apiranthos very characteristic, and Moutsona Apollona.

The beaches of Naxos
The most popular beaches are those of Aghios Georgios and Aghios Prokopios, easy to reach and tourist facilities. Quiet and long are the beaches of Agia Anna and Kastraki, while the beach of Mikri Vigla is the most loved by surfers.

To the south-east of Naxos there are a group of islands with beautiful beaches and unpolluted sea, among these are notable for their beauty and Iraklia Koufonissia



Corfu, Kerkira called, is one of the largest islands dell’Eptaneso (almost 70 km long and wide from 4 to 30 km). The north, richer vegetation and characterized by small creeks, attracts many tourists in search of beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters.

The south side, however, more arid, is very similar to the Greek mainland. In the area of Paleokastritsa there are many attractions, from the beach Liapades up to the most famous Paleokastritsa, under the Orthodox Monastery of the hill (to see). Many of the more isolated beaches, reachable by taxi-boats leaving from Liapades or Paleokastritsa.

Very impressive landscape of the resort Lakones, a small village on the tourist area of Paleokastritsa, point called Bellavista.

A few miles from this point there is an old castle called Angelokastro (Castle of Angels). Continuing along this road towards the north you can make the trip around the entire northern part coming up in Sidari, places known for some typical smooth rocks that form a channel called Canal d’Amour.

Continue along this road, passing through Roda, we arrive at the small fishing village called Kassiopi. At this point you are already on the west side of the island and you’re heading towards the town of Corfu. The beautiful scenic road that runs along the picturesque villages of Nissaki and Kouloura with their bays.

On this road there is also a detour to the summit of Mount Pantokrator, the island’s highest point.

Going to the city meets the location of Ipsos, well known for its nightlife.

Nearby are the resorts of Dassia and Gouvia. Very interesting to visit the island’s interior is characterized by small villages not yet contaminated by tourism and still retain local traditions and way of greek life.

Visit the town of Corfu
The town of Corfu, characterized by foreign domination, fascinates tourists on the streets and alleys in typically Venetian style.

The beautiful “Esplanade,” the former parade ground of the French, who later became the British field cricket. In the same square, meeting place and promenade, there are many bars located on the porch called Liston.

In the square is also the Royal Palace and the Old Fortress. In the vicinity of the airport lies Kanoni, from which vantage point you can see Pontikonissis, a church in the sea connected to the mainland by a narrow street.

You can also visit the famous Achilleion, the palace of Princess Sissi and its gardens. Within the city there are many Orthodox churches worth visiting, such as St. Spyridon, the patron saint of Corfu.

The beaches of the island of Corfu
Besides the beaches of Paleokastritsa and Liapades, there are many equally beautiful beaches.

Among these include the long sandy beach of Glyfada, about 12 km from Liapades, located on the west side of the island. A few kilometers before there is any indication, not very visible to the beach Mirtiotissa; oddly within a few kilometers are inhabited by monks from a monastery and a large sandy beach known as a nudist beach.

Further south are the beaches of Pelekas and Agios Gordios, which retain the same characteristics of the north. To see the difference consider the landscape around the south island.


Lefkada, Lefkada in Italian, is the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands. Located just south of Corfu and the north of Kefalonia is connected to the mainland by a causeway 25 kilometers long. Lefkada is a mountainous island and the highly fertile ground where you can see olive groves, vineyards and pine forests as far as the eye. Off the east coast there are ten small islands, while the west coast offers spectacular beaches. The sea and the charm of the coast and surrounding islands make it an ideal destination for those who make sailing holidays, preferably on a sailing boat.

Besides being the name of the island Lefkada is also the name of the main city, built on a promontory at the south-east of a saltwater lagoon. Largely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1948, owes part of its architecture to its anti-seismic measures that have been applied, an example would be detached from the church towers built basilicas themselves. The city offers a pleasant and relaxing, place to discover walking aimlessly through the streets: a bustling main street, the square that serves as a meeting place, many churches and a marina, recently built to house many yachts that arrive on the island. Inside the Cultural Centre you can visit the archaeological museum, another museum to visit is the collection of post-Byzantine icons. A short walk from the causeway stands the fortress of Agia Mavra, an imposing Venetian building of the fourteenth century.

Excursions and activities during the holidays in Lefkada
To visit the island is certainly Nydri, a village that was once a fisherman and now proposed as a resort. Its nice pier with restaurants and the interior of the country. Nydri is also the right starting point for visiting the islands of Madouri, Sparti, Skorpidi, Skorpios and Meganisi. There are numerous excursions of up to Ithaca and Kefalonia. Also missed the falls located 3 km from the town and reached by a picturesque path. 15 km south of Sivota Nydri you can visit, a place not too busy with a quaint fishing harbor.

Vasiliki is the main center for water sports on the island, and is considered the best places in Europe for windsurfing, but it is also the perfect place to relax at a table in a restaurant on the promenade and sea breeze. You can reach the best beaches in the gullet, we report the Agiofyli beach, south of Vasiliki, where there are numerous places for rent wind-surfing and sailing.

The beaches of the island of Lefkada
The west coast of Lefkada offers perhaps the most beautiful sea of ??all the Ionian islands: the turquoise waters and long sandy stretches, and we announce Pefkoulia Kathisma to the north, and Porto Katsiki Egremini remote south. If you love the holiday village atmosphere can make a stop in Agios Nikitas but especially in the neighboring beach of Mylos.

In addition to those arriving in Lefkada beaches should not miss the interior with traditional farming villages and lush countryside. From here you also enjoy breathtaking views of the coast and on islands surrounding the island. It should be mentioned Karya village, known for its embroidery, which produce the local women.

Of the islets that surround Meganisi Lefkada is the most populous, is well worth a day trip starting from Nydri: a beautiful green landscape, turquoise bays fringed with beaches of pebbles. Three villages of the island: Spartohori be reached via a steep ladder or stairway that depart from Porto Spilia where the ferry docks, Vathy is the second port and from here the road to Katomeri about 1 km distance.



Santorini, officially known as Thira, is one of the most known and loved the Cycladic archipelago, but not only in Greece, because the intense blue of the sky, the black of the long cliff overlooking the sea and the dazzling white buildings clinging to the rocks make up the unforgettable scenarios

The “volcanic” Santorini is the southernmost of the Cyclades islands and is made ​​up of half the edge of a volcanic crater. The other half is sunk in the sea in the sixteenth century BC with the violent eruption that put an end to the Minoan civilization comparable to that. The crater itself, said Caldera, has been submerged and is a true natural wonder of it there are two islands: Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni, ie the old and new island burned.

Excursion to Santorini
On the whole, on top of the cliffs, stretches the village of Fira, the picturesque town with narrow streets and traditional buildings, where in high season runs the equally volcanic life encounters, friendships and loves.

The beaches of Santorini
In the eastern part of the island is different, vineyards covered with low, sloping gently down to the sea towards the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa. These are the greatest seaside resorts of the island, with numerous restaurants, taverns, nightclubs and hotels.

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Chiar daca nu avem experienta in domeniu nu trebuie sa ne facem probleme, deoarece aceasta se va dobandi in timp, in urma miilor de ore petrecute in fata camerei.

Tot ce avem de facut este sa dorim sa invatam o meserie noua si sa intram online cu o tinuta si un machiaj ingrijit.

Machiajul, un element definitoriu al personalitatii noastre

Un machiaj reusit in activitatea de videochat trebuie sa tina seama in primul rand de conformatie fetei si de luminile prezente in camera de lucru. Deoarece in cele mai multe camere sunt prezente reflectoare puternice, machiajul trebuie sa fie intensificat, iar textura folosita sa fie potrivita pentru a accentua trasaturile modelului sau unei escort Paris de pe https://www.6annonce.com/ in fata camerelor.

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Sprancenele vor avea parte de un tratament aparte. In cazul acestora va trebui sa aplicam un fard special pentru a obtine o culoare cat mai naturala, iar acest lucru trebuie realizat cu mare atentie, tinand cont de tendinta machiajului de a isi pierde stralucirea atunci cand suntem in fata camerelor video.

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In primul rand a fost necesar sa imi amenajez camera, iar acest lucru m-a costat o groaza de bani, mai ales ca a trebuit sa folosesc materiale de calitate, iar mobila am achizitionat-o de la un producator de lux.

Un minus pentru mine la acest capitol, dar un plus pentru lucrul intr-un studio, in care as fi beneficiat de amenajarea gratuita a camerei.

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In privinta banilor situatia poate fi mult mai grea, in cazul in care imi doresc o pensie si va trebui sa platesc taxele la stat, lucru pe care il voi face din propriul buzunar, nu din cel al studioului.

Ce activitati se pot desfasura intr-un camin de batrani

Odata ajunsi la varsta senectutii vom avea nevoie de ingrijire si de supraveghere, aproape identica cu cea pe care o acordam in mod obisnuit copiilor nostri.

Din pacate, persoanele ce ar fi putut sa ne acorde ajutorul au plecat de mult de langa noi. Copii si-au intemeiat propria familie si sunt tot timpul ocupati, nepotii fie nu sunt suficient de mari pentru a veghea asupra noastra sau au devenit suficient de nepasatori si nu ii mai intereseaza starea bunicilor.

Singurul sprijin pe care ne putem baza a ramas sotia, dar si aceasta este apropiata de varsta cu noi, asa ca nu ne mai poate ajuta asa cum o facea pe vremuri.

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Desfasurarea unor activitati in afara incintei caminului de batrani va ajuta la intarirea sistemului imunitar si conduce la reducerea stresului.

Ce activitati se desfasoare zilnic intr-un camin de batrani

Dupa ce am servit micul dejun, ne putem bucura de un joc de table, remmy sau sah impreuna cu prietenii. Daca suntem o fire solitara, ne stau la dispozitie o varietate mare jocuri de tip puzzle sau de carti.

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Nu trebuie sa ne para rau pentru controbutia lunara pe care o platim. Desi exista si variante mult mai ieftine, trebuie sa fim constienti ca un pret mic se reflecta intotdeauna in calitatea serviciilor oferite, ce vor fi mai slabe sau nu vor mai exista.


Mugur Funzetti – un model pentru tinerii antreprenori

Odata cu inlaturarea economiei etatizate existenta in perioada regimului Ceausescu, au aparut germenii economiei de piata. In aceasta perioada s-au ivit nenumarate oportunitati de business, de care au beneficiat in prima faza noua generatie de oameni de afaceri din Romania. Odata cu deschiderea Romaniei catre lume nu au aparut doar noi produse, ci a aparut si posibilitatea romanilor de a studia in afara granitelor.

Inceputul unei cariere de succes

Unul dintre antreprenorii astfel aparuti in Romania s-a numit Mugur Frunzetti. Nascut intr-o familie cu veleitati artistice, studiaza la prima clasa de informatica aparuta in Romania (lucru care ii va marca destinul mai tarziu), si, profitand de deschiderea catre lume aparuta, isi va continua studiile in Statele Unite, pentru un MBA in finante internationale. Acesta perioada de studii  ii va da posibilitatea sa ia contact cu mediul digital aflat la inceput de drum in acea perioada pe piata nord americana, si sa isi definitiveze vocatia de antreprenor (fiind angajat o perioada intr-o mare organizatie de asigurari  realizeaza ca nu are vocatie de angajat).

Reintors in tara, deschide o retea de siteuri in toate domeniile (auto, imobiliare, etc) in care isi va testa cunostiintele in domeniul digital dobandite peste ocean.

Mugur decide ca are suficiente cunostiinte in domeniul afacerilor si al celui online, si isi incepe evolutia fuminanta cu un magazin online – Marketplace, urmata de marile sale afaceri de succes: Floria, florarie online aflata printre primele deschise in tara, si Retargeting, aflata printre primele companii care isi propuneau sa aduca vanzari suplimentare pentru magazinele online, prin abordarea unei comunicari personalizate cu vizitatorii siteurilor de comert electronic.

Antreprenoriatul in forma “Reatargeting”

Retargetingul inseamna o forma de publicitate targetata catre consumatori, carora li se trimit mesaje personalizate in functie de actiunile lor din mediul online,in situatii in care aceste actiuni nu s-au finalizat cu o achizitie.

Mugur a mai sesizat diferenta intre retargeting si remarketing. Desi multi le considera acelasi lucru, ele sunt putin diferite: remarketingul incadreaza utilizatorul in grupuri de interes si le afiseaza acelasi mesaj tuturor, iar retargetingul clasifica individual fiecare utilizator si este capabil sa afiseze mesaje personalizate pentru fiecare dintre acestia.

In viziunea lui Mugur comunicarea corecta cu vizitatorii siteurilor era una personalizata. Exact aceasta este si abordarea Retargeting: in urma studiului comportamentului fiecarui vizitator pe site, si al indentificarii nevoilor acestuia, aplicatia trimite triggere, fie direct pe site, fie prin email sau sms cu oferte speciale sau produse cu discounturi. In fapt, aceasta realizeaza o consiliere a clientului potrivit nevoilor sale.

Avantajele retargetingului sunt multiple: se afiseaza anunturi relevante pe siteuri pentru vizitatori, comunica exact cu publicul interesat de anumite produse (adica cu persoanele care exprima un interes mare de achizitie), se creste rata de conversie, se fidelizeaza clientii (aducandu-le constant aminte de produsele si serviciile  unui site de comert online), se creste foarte mult ROI-ul.

Aplicatia s-a dezvoltat foarte rapid, reusind sa aiba un bazin mare de clienti: peste 200 de companii din tara si in jur de 200 de companii din strainatate. Domeniile in care activeaza acestia sunt diverse, aplicatia reusind sa genereze vanzari suplimentare de 8.5 milioane de euro si sa creasca rata de conversie cu 10%

Plata online cu cardul

Serviciul de plati online cu cardul este sigura daca nu se ofera informatii cu privire la cardul bancar atunci cand nu sunteti sigur de comerciant. Verificati bine identitatea lui si nu dati niciodata PIN-ul cardului, acel cod format din 4 cifre care va permite accesul la cont. Puteti utiliza cardul dumneavoastra bancar obisnuit sau un e-card bancar daca ati optat pentru acest serviciu.
Numarul cardului bancar si alte comunicari de date
plati cu cardulIn principiu, datele referitoare la card nu ar trebui sa fie divulgate fara un motiv intemeiat si fara o masura de precautie.
Pentru a plati o achizitie online sau pentru a face rezervari la distanta (de exemplu, servicii de inchirieri auto sau rezervari hoteliere, etc.), chiar si prin telefon, trebuie sa comunicati celui care vinde produsul sau serviciul respectiv doar urmatoarele date si nimic in plus referitor la datele cardului:
– numarul cardului (acesta este format din 16 cifre si se afla pe partea din fata a cardului)
– data de expirare (aceasta este formata din 4 cifre si se refera la luna si anul in care urmeaza sa va expire cardul) si
– criptograma vizuala (ultimele 3 cifre de la referinta cardului dumneavoastra, aflate pe spatele acestuia, in casuta cu semnatura).
O recomandare pentru cei care fac comert sau presteaza servicii pe internet este sa nu pastreze detaliile cardurilor bancare ale clientilor, pentru a se reduce riscul de frauda online. Chiar daca necesita mai mult timp, este mai util sa va tastati numarul de card si sa vi se ceara confirmarea si data tranzactiei de fiecare data cand cumparati sau faceti o tranzactie pe internet.
Autentificarea dumneavoastra ca titular al cardului bancar
Pentru a verifica daca utilizatorul care face o achizitie, o rezervare sau un transfer online este proprietarul cardului din care urmeaza sa se faca plata, tot mai multe site-uri va cer sa le furnizati informatii suplimentare. Acestea pot fi diferite de la o banca la alta.
Pentru aceasta puteti intampina situatii in care sa vi se ceara, de exemplu, un cod de siguranta cu utilizare unica. Acest cod poate fi trimis pe adresa dumneavoastra de e-mail, poate fi generat de un cititor de card sau poate fi primit prin telefon sub forma unui SMS in momentul tranzactiei. Trebuie mentionat faptul ca acest cod despre care am mentionat NU ESTE CODUL PIN (acesta nu se comunica in nicio situatie).
Pentru a va autentifica, sunteti redirectionat catre o pagina a bancii dumneavoastra, cu scopul de a introduce acest cod pe care banca il controleaza. Orice refuz de permitere a acesului duce la anularea tranzactiei si comerciantul nu va fi in niciun moment in posesia acestor informatii.
Aceasta autentificare va atrage treptat toti utilizatorii de carduri bancare, iar sistemul va fi aplicat progresiv si pe site-urile de comert pe internet, unde se face plata online cu cardul. O astfel de solutie utilizata se numeste “Cod 3D Secure”.
Masuri de precautie
– Nu dati niciodata codul PIN,
– Introduceti numarul cardului pentru fiecare plata si nu salvati datele contului dumneavoastra pe site-ul comerciantului,
– Verificati daca site-ul pe care il platiti este securizat (apare un lacat mic in partea de jos a paginii),
– Daca puteti, optati pentru plata prin PayPal sau www.prioripay.com/, pentru ca aceste platforme sunt sigure si nu va solicita datele cardului decat in momentul inregistrarii, iar destinatarul platii sau a tranferului online nu are acces la aceste date.