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Crete Crete is the larges of the Greek Islands and is divided into three zones, Central Crete, East Crete and West Crete. The island is well served and accessable

Crete has two International airports,the largest is located in Heraklion, the smallest in Hania. There is a smaller airport for charter flights in Sitia . From all three airports you can fly to Athens and Thessaloniki. From Heraklion you can fly to Rhodes. The Heraklion airport is also connected to the City by taxis or bus.


The city ports are Iraklio, Souda (to Hania), Rethymno, Agios Nikolas, Sitia and Kissaoms. In the peak tourist season there are plenty of connections by sea to Crete. The ports are well connected to the North of Crete where a highway allows easy movement along the entire coast. Less easy, but still possible are routes by car or by bus within the island and along the southern coast. However some locations are accessible only by sea.

Iraklio has three intercity bus stations: the main station serves the eastern part of Crete, the other stations serve other destinations such as Phaestus, Agia Galini and Matala, Rethymno and Hania among others.

What to do: There is no doubt, to Crete and culture go hand in hand: there are beautiful beaches but equally fascinating archaeological sites not to be missed during a vacation on Crete.

The center of the island is the capital Heraklion. Here you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, the 16th-century Rocca al mare, the Venetian Arsenal and the famous fountain Morosini (or Lion Fountain) and the excellent natural history museum.

At 5 km from Iraklio lie the ruins of Minoan Knossos which constitute an essential visit, while children can enjoy a break at the Indoor playground Ricoco. Another popular child-friendly (but not only!) the CretAquarium, this is recently opened and houses over 4,000 marine species.

The wine lovers can enjoy a visit to one of the largest wine-growing regions of Greece with a trip to the South of Iraklio.