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Lefkada, Lefkada in Italian, is the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands. Located just south of Corfu and the north of Kefalonia is connected to the mainland by a causeway 25 kilometers long. Lefkada is a mountainous island and the highly fertile ground where you can see olive groves, vineyards and pine forests as far as the eye. Off the east coast there are ten small islands, while the west coast offers spectacular beaches. The sea and the charm of the coast and surrounding islands make it an ideal destination for those who make sailing holidays, preferably on a sailing boat.

Besides being the name of the island Lefkada is also the name of the main city, built on a promontory at the south-east of a saltwater lagoon. Largely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1948, owes part of its architecture to its anti-seismic measures that have been applied, an example would be detached from the church towers built basilicas themselves. The city offers a pleasant and relaxing, place to discover walking aimlessly through the streets: a bustling main street, the square that serves as a meeting place, many churches and a marina, recently built to house many yachts that arrive on the island. Inside the Cultural Centre you can visit the archaeological museum, another museum to visit is the collection of post-Byzantine icons. A short walk from the causeway stands the fortress of Agia Mavra, an imposing Venetian building of the fourteenth century.

Excursions and activities during the holidays in Lefkada
To visit the island is certainly Nydri, a village that was once a fisherman and now proposed as a resort. Its nice pier with restaurants and the interior of the country. Nydri is also the right starting point for visiting the islands of Madouri, Sparti, Skorpidi, Skorpios and Meganisi. There are numerous excursions of up to Ithaca and Kefalonia. Also missed the falls located 3 km from the town and reached by a picturesque path. 15 km south of Sivota Nydri you can visit, a place not too busy with a quaint fishing harbor.

Vasiliki is the main center for water sports on the island, and is considered the best places in Europe for windsurfing, but it is also the perfect place to relax at a table in a restaurant on the promenade and sea breeze. You can reach the best beaches in the gullet, we report the Agiofyli beach, south of Vasiliki, where there are numerous places for rent wind-surfing and sailing.

The beaches of the island of Lefkada
The west coast of Lefkada offers perhaps the most beautiful sea of ??all the Ionian islands: the turquoise waters and long sandy stretches, and we announce Pefkoulia Kathisma to the north, and Porto Katsiki Egremini remote south. If you love the holiday village atmosphere can make a stop in Agios Nikitas but especially in the neighboring beach of Mylos.

In addition to those arriving in Lefkada beaches should not miss the interior with traditional farming villages and lush countryside. From here you also enjoy breathtaking views of the coast and on islands surrounding the island. It should be mentioned Karya village, known for its embroidery, which produce the local women.

Of the islets that surround Meganisi Lefkada is the most populous, is well worth a day trip starting from Nydri: a beautiful green landscape, turquoise bays fringed with beaches of pebbles. Three villages of the island: Spartohori be reached via a steep ladder or stairway that depart from Porto Spilia where the ferry docks, Vathy is the second port and from here the road to Katomeri about 1 km distance.