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Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands and is one of the least accessible to tourists, so it is still untouched. Long, deserted beaches of fine white sand, picturesque villages and a number of archaeological treasures make the island a place to explore and remember. Long history of this island already present in the mythology it is said that here Dionysus fell in love with Ariadne and Dionysus always took the lives of the island from which it still produces excellent white wines.

The capital of the island of Naxos, Hora, retains vestiges of its former glory arising from the Venetian and Byzantine domination, overlooking the main harbor of the island. Arriving by boat the sight is breathtaking with the white houses climbing up the hill on top of which stands the castle reached through narrow winding streets of the city center. On the right you can see instead Palatia islet connected to the shore by a narrow strip of land. Near the harbor and along the seafront (Protopapadaki said) there are many excellent restaurants and taverns, most rooms in the center in a tangle of narrow streets, arches, narrow passages and ancient dwellings in the Venetian style to Kastro. Sightseeing in the city besides the already mentioned Kastro, the area north of the promenade with its numerous churches and chapels (among which the eighteenth-century Metropolis). At the Metropolis Museum exposed the remains of an ancient Mycenaean city. Also visit the Archaeological Museum, the Museum Della Rocca-Barozzi Venetian and the Catholic Cathedral.

Excursions on the island of Naxos
To visit the beautiful island in the rest of the region Tragaea, a vast plain full of olive groves where you can still see charming villages and almost untouched, the greatest of these is Filoti and lies at the foot of Mount Zeus. Nearby do not miss a visit to the Cave of Zeus (Zas). In the same region is worth visiting even Halki, a beautiful town where you can taste the typical citron liqueur (Kitron) and visit the Olivier an interesting gallery of ceramics. North of Halki lies one of the oldest Greek churches, the Panagia Drosiani, a cave-like labyrinth of chapels decorated with frescoes of the seventh century. A Sangri stands a magnificent building in the shape of said tower castle that now houses Bazeos frequent cultural events and exhibitions. In your tour of the island you can visit three villages Apiranthos very characteristic, and Moutsona Apollona.

The beaches of Naxos
The most popular beaches are those of Aghios Georgios and Aghios Prokopios, easy to reach and tourist facilities. Quiet and long are the beaches of Agia Anna and Kastraki, while the beach of Mikri Vigla is the most loved by surfers.

To the south-east of Naxos there are a group of islands with beautiful beaches and unpolluted sea, among these are notable for their beauty and Iraklia Koufonissia